Digital Tour Guide System – 9th Generation

Factory Tour Guide is proud to announce the launch of the new 9th Generation Digital tour guide system in India for the first time, at a very low price. Designed and conceptualized in India under the experience radio engg. The product has been designed as per the requirement of the Indian business environment in 2.4 Ghz Band.

Factory Tour Guide System is the only complete wireless system that delivers exceptional sound quality, simple to use, rugged durability, and the most advanced features adopted by any branded products anywhere in the world!  This Factory tour guide system is a perfect fit for the manufacturing industry, plant tours, factory tours or any guided audio tours where you need to rely on the highest quality. Our team know these systems and can provide you with the best solution and pricing to fit any application. Plus, we always have equipment in stock & Continuous production and ready to move!

Our team of dedicated team of engineers and technical supervisors are ready 24*7 and 365 days to help you to achieve your requirements, be it rental services, sales or after sales service.

Factory Tour Guide at a Glance
  • Advanced audio technology delivers excellent sound quality, even in loud plants or manufacturing facilities
  • Simple, single-unit design eliminates messy cables and wires
  • Hands-free transmitter and lightweight tour headsets make tours effortless for you and your audience
  • 40 channels available for multiple tour groups and interpretation functionality
  • Durable carrying case quickly charges the long-lasting batteries providing mobility
  • Solid 18-Months Warranty instills confidence, security, and trust
  • Reliable system to cover any of your plant tour, employee training or guided tour headset and tour equipment needs